Gluten Free Cooking and Baking Now Made Easier

πŸ’š Don’t gluten my ware is a company dedicated to individuals suffering from gluten intolerance (Celiac Disease and/or a wheat allergy). Our kitchenware utensil set are made of premium, long-lasting materials that can be used with confidence, comfort, and with peace of mind. Each set is carefully and thoughtfully handcrafted by our young founder from start to finish. Enhance your cooking and elevate the kitchen experience while avoiding potential cross contamination (when used correctly).πŸ’š

Our products are specifically crafted to be safe, multifunctional, beautiful but most importantly –

πŸ’šGluten free!πŸ’š

  • High Quality & Made to Last

    Our brand makes living gluten free life simple. Each utensil is carefully hand labeled to help you avoid cross-contamination in your kitchen. We know how it feels to get glutened, and we want to help you avoid that not-so-good feeling. Make cross contamination a thing of the past, and get your set today.

    πŸ’šPerfect birthday or holiday giftπŸ’š

  • Say Bye to Cross-Contamination

    Each set of utensils is made with high quality silicone that is heat resistant, BPA-free, and soft to protect all of your cookware. Our ergonomic handles are made with natural beechwood. They’re comfortable to hold, look beautiful in your kitchen, and enhance your cooking experience while avoiding potential cross contamination.

    πŸ’šCook, Eat, & Live Gluten FreeπŸ’š

  • Hand Made with Love & Care

    Don't Gluten My Ware is a small business founded by a kindergardener. Our goal is to be a valuable resource for all who are new, lost, or just confused about living gluten free. We understand, because we've been here, there, and everywhere. Please join our community so we may teach and share resources. Wear "GREEN"– it's the unofficial official color for celiac disease!

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